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Water Features....where art meets water

Create a beautiful backyard by adding a water feature.

Carved Stone Water Features: Each stone is selected for its distinct characteristics; which makes each hand carved water feature unique. This can be as simple as using a single stone or  multiple carved stones. Our carved stones are an excellent choice for pondless water features.

Koi Ponds, Natural Waterfalls and Streams: Koi ponds are for clients who are enthusiastic about water gardening and enjoys the tranquility of raising Koi and beautiful water plants. Bring your backyard to life with the sounds of natural waterfalls and streams. Custom Fountains and Bubbling Vases: With a little creativity, containers of all types can be used to make memorable water features for the garden.

Garden and Landscape Designs.... where art meets land

From the first consultation through construction our goal is to create an outdoor living space that meets your vision and expectations. We have an eclectic design style that uses a variety of interesting plant combinations with color and texture to create seasonal interest throughout the year.


Hardscape designs...... where art meets stone

We specialize in the art of stone placement; using natural stone as sculpture in the garden and water features. An important part of hardscape design includes a functional layout of outdoor entertainment areas. This includes patios, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, fire pits, garden walls and steps. Choose from a wide variety of pavers and natural stone with an assortment of colors that add to the value of your home. A well done hardscape creates a timeless outdoor space and adds charm and character to your property.


Features & Pond Maintenance


  • Routine Seasonal cleaning
  • Water feature and pond repair
  • Leak repairs
  • Algae control
  • Water quality; additives and treatments


Garden & Bed Maintenance


  • mulching
  • edging
  • pruning and dormant pruning
  • flowering annuals
  • spring cleanup



05h FallingWaters

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